Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Site Photos

Whilst our architect was at home making further online castigations, we were on the site, getting a feel of the layoutand a sense of the flora,fauna and architectural history. (Apparently the site was a butter factory up until the 1940s-more later). Here are some pics (as demanded).

We would like to access this view over the valley from the North East corner if possible.

Assemblage on site.

West view.

South East pan to South.

North view.

Obviously the size of the trees on the block is going to be an issue.

Coming and Going.


mattdixon30 said...

Loving the site, but only able to see a few of the site photos. My issue or can it be fixed at your end?

rory said...

no it looks like our issue matt. thanks for the heads up.

rory said...

I love the little picasso-style bull head out of the chain.

I had a totally different impression of the site from the last series of photos you'd shown me, I didn't realise it spilled out into space beyond.

I find heaps of tension in that. Parts of the house are bunkered down with only diffuse channeled light, and others open out to a long view. It plays with that idea of dualities.