Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Free David Hicks!

That's so weird, i just made that same Guantanamo gag half an hour ago about this proof shot of a house we've just finished in Drysdale... And this is what the rest of it looks like if you're interested. I didn't work on it mind you.

Images: BKK Architects, Balla House, Drysdale, 2007


mattdixon30 said...

Check this site;
I thought this
was particularly pertinent for Martin and Lily.
A bit above that entry is Shigeru Ban, who has done the new Pompidou in Metz (which I find a bit bonjour degouter), while Richard Rogers collaborated on the Paris one.
We went to see the Alvo Aalto/Shigeru Ban show at the Barbican yesterday. Was good but the Barbican itself is so interesting that you tend to want to just get outside and walk around (less so in yesterday's 5C weather).

martin said...

Yess, I was thinking along similar lines as Rose and I drove past the new Aldi's being constructed opposite the Corio dog track. It seems to me that there is a flaw in the idea that the metaphorical design reconstucts the imagery of the great proletarian dream. The ambiguity inherent in such spaces causes us to question whether the ubiquitous availabilty of deep fried carbohydrate products already available in the nearby Corio village project, will not be superceded by the future access to west German Earl Grey teabags. Given the Neitzchian references made by the designers and the, perhaps necessary, utilitarian nature of the construction process, one wonders whether the spiritual concerns of the proposed clients have been taken into consideration at all.

mattdixon30 said...

That's grouse Martin