Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year

Aerial from east. Shadows at 12.00, winter solstice.

Eye level from west. Shadows 3pm, summer solstice.

Eye level from north-east. Shadows 9am winter solstice.

Living room interior. Shadows 9am winter solstice.

The really big wall is gone, the literal containment of space in the courtyard is now 'implied'.
Same plan, rotated so open edge faces NE.


martin said...

Great job Rory. You are quite right, the space inside the wall is still suggested. This profile should be far less threatening to the locals.

martin said...

Hey where did the oldschool representation come from? It looks like its drawn on paper!

rory said...

Thanks Martin - it's all part of channeling the golden era...
And yeah, I hope those poor hicks aren't as intimidated this time around.