Friday, December 22, 2006

Ephemeral Installations

Stop picking on Martin's contributions Rory. I have included the 'leaves' because this is what I have been driven to in the past. Every house I have lived in has been hostile to ephemeral installations. These sculptural activities bring me more pleasure than 'stuff' yet the spaces have never been condusive to the work. Even worse is the fact that they have to share the space with furniture and the general crap of living. It should be a house full of spaces inviting installations but just as happy if there is none there. - Lily


rory said...

Yeah i was checking out that thing on your ceiling when over at yours today , after your initial enthusiasm for 'covering the entire ceiling' with those little leaves, I doubt it was your laziness that meant it only got that far but the space! It does look a bit crap next to the lampshade thats filling up with moths - like an extension of the little things that add up to make what would otherwise be good, become 'crap'.

Anonymous said...

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