Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A note on the medium

I think having this discussion on a blog is good for a few reasons. Firstly, its going to force us to carefully and succinctly articulate our ideas - which may help the problem of talking about the same thing, but meaning different things. So until the day comes when we can plug directly into someone elses brain, this will have to do.
Secondly, I think its good because as far as I know it hasn't really been done quite like this before. There are plenty of examples of architects using social software to communicate and collaborate within a team. For example by using workflow tools (so bored), or the tracking of emails to follow a design conversation as done by the architecture firm Terroir (a bit bored), or the research done by SIAL into Wikis for design collaboration (not that boring); but none of these 'digital conversations' are between the designer and the client.
This is interesting because it can potentially break down the 'imposition of genius' of the architect on a client, by making the conversation transparent, and including them in this conversation. But what happens if the client expressly requests this imposition?


martinb said...

Hey Rory, great blog site very proffessional. Ready to turn staight into a book. I love it. You must have spent all day working on it, relax its the holidays!


Oh and just fix up Dads last name Beaver.

rory said...

yeah, went pretty hard yesterday. i think i have a blog-hangover.