Saturday, June 2, 2007

Plan: 2nd June, 2007

Link to a big one to print out (1:100 at A3 full bleed)


rory said...

Proposed revisions:
1. Get rid of the bug-free courtyard - because you're tough and it needs to be much bigger to be nice)
2. Make kitchen bigger - because martins such a keen chef
3. Make separate walk-in-robe to master bed - because you wanted the bedroom to have nothing in it.
4. Make studio bigger - because 'that's what you do'

martin said...

We are blown away! Lily is beside herself. We raced to print it off and are now pouring over it. It just looks like such a liveable design and everything we wanted. Lily just keeps chanting, 'I really love it, I really love it"

The corridor that is not a corridor. Lily is imagining running from one end of the house to the other. We are assuming the doors that divide the bedrooms off slide into the wall, disappearing

The living area is spectacular with what we assume is the feature chimney. A feature last experienced by us on the skeleton coast in Namibia at Cape Cross.

She loves the open master bedroom.

We love the fact that it has modernist elements but is beyond modernist in shape.

We love that it is pavilliony.

We are trying to visualize the roof line and construction now. ie. what are the outside walls constructed of? or are they indeterminate as yet.

Lily reckons it looks like a transformer that you could fold up and pack away.

We love the fact that the enclosed courtyard makes a very clear distinction between us and the bush. It gives us a space to play in but also divests us of the responsibility for landscaping the area outside the house. The interface between the house and the bush which has been tricky for the neighbours.

Lily is trying to get you to consider putting the honeycomb together for high density housing, 'Hyde's Hive'

Lily thinks it embodies all of the list of words that she sent you some time back.