Saturday, July 7, 2007

Le Corbusier on 'plans'

"To make a plan is to determine and fix ideas.
It is to have had ideas.
It is so to order these ideas that they become intelligible, capable of execution and communicable. It is essential therefore to exhibit a precise intention, and to have had ideas in order to be able to furnish oneself with an intention. A plan is to some extent a summary like an analytical contents table. In a form so condensed that it seems as clear as crystal and like a geometric figure, it contains an enormous quantity of ideas and the impulse of an intention."
- Le Corbusier, Towards a New Architecture, 1923
I thought this was a really nice quote that fits well with your response to seeing the plan. The thing that pleased me the most about your comments was not that you liked it - which of course is great- but that you understood what it meant without my needing to explain it. I was amazed at how accurately you understood the subtlety of what i was trying to get across just through the arrangement of lines on a page, and that those lines could summarise so much of our ongoing conversation.

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