Sunday, July 29, 2007

Concrete ideas

Sorry to be thinking about interiors at this stage but we are. Decided that concrete would be the way to go for benchtops, hearth etc. only to find that Simon from BKK is already in bed with Melbourne's foremost concrete benchtop artist at 'Concrete Blonde'. Martin thinks he can do it himself but Lily wants a quality job, not dodgy.

1 comment:

rory said...

hell yeah! i'd do the whole thing in concrete if you could afford it!
i don't really see what the issue would be if we use the same concrete guy as simon... better that than risk it with martin!

ok so i've managed to insult you twice in one comment. backpedal: it's good you can't afford concrete, cos everyone does that and nobody's done sloping bricks before. and i actually reckon martin's job on the barwon bathroom was super.

seriously, on both counts.