Sunday, November 4, 2007


I am proposing a one night, 2 day 'site workshop' as a way to develop the finer spatial and material aspects of the design. Lily and Martin you have to come, because this is about your spatial perception of scale and proximity. I have also invited my smart, talented, and fun friends Bianca and Scott to collaborate with us on this 'exploration'.

The idea for this grew out of my realisation that I've never quite grasped the alternative spatial possibilities of interiors. When planning out a house for BKK for example, I'm pretty much on auto-pilot, doing what fits the requirements, but rarely anything more - like exploring an 'idea'. This combined with the blunt instruments architects use to design space - namely the 2D drawing board - meant that even if I sat here and 'really thought hard' about it, I'm unlikely to get anywhere without being there and 'feeling it'.

It's going to be a lot like a trust-building retreat for a building, as opposed to an organisation...

For the material exploration I propose to bring samples of the proposed materials: bricks, plywood, concrete, plaster & mirror, to see how they might sit on the site and to test ways of fitting them together.

For the spatial exploration, I propose to bring more sheets of ply for constructing mock up sections of the spaces & furniture etc, string lines and props for marking out the scale of the building & courtyard and whatever else i can't think of right now...

All of it will be documented in models, photos and video as a reference for the next stage of zooming in on the design.

Please add suggestions for other stuff to bring or do in the comments.

Where: The Site
When: Saturday & Sunday the 8th & 9th of December

Super Excitement!

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