Monday, July 23, 2007

Model: Roof options

For Lily: me working old-fashioned like. Also note the 'wireless' playing in the background.

Roof Type 1: Flat, falling back to courtyard.

Roof Type 2: Low folds, falling to box gutters.

Roof Type 3: High folds, falling to box gutters at perimeter.

Roof Type 4: PREFERRED. One fold up, one fold down, opens out to view and compresses over kitchen, falls to box gutters at perimeter and fold line.


martin said...

Love the wireless. Is the Omo also a prop to give that authentic old school feel?
We are very excited about the model. We agree that option No. 4 is the most exciting but Martin thinks that option 3 is probably the best in terms of fire safety and leaf litter acumulation. Also probably less likely to upset the builders.

rory said...

fuck the builders! but yes, i take your leaf litter point... will have a look at it. i still haven't got around to reading your bushfire book.